Our digital services are innovative and tailor-made to your customers needs.

One-Stop Advertising Studio


Creating digital experiences that help businesses grow. That help customers focus on their brand by leaving everything on our hands. Our integrated digital services combine strategy, creativity and execution with a results-driven approach.

Τhe benefits of digital marketing are maximized only when the company operates as a well-tuned clock in all its departments. For this reason we have developed a unique model of approach and management, which optimizes all the points that play an important role in the final result.

E - Shop Development

An E-shop is the best way to promote your products to customers. An online store is always open, available, and accessible at the click of a button.

Website Development

We Create professional, custom websites in a completely visual canvas for our clients with the freedom to add anything they'd love to.


All our Websites are hosted on our certified high-end servers, we guarantee performance and reliability.

Web Booking Application

Working with us, clearly has its own benefits. Now your customers can book appointments on your own website. No third party websites or apps.

Ask Us Anything

There’s no direct answer no this. But no worries, this is a good thing for you. Why is that? You get budget specific results depending on your location and population. You can always start low, and while your business grows you can always spend more. It is always good to have a plan and know your ROI.

In a short answer, no. So Relax 🙂 Your business should not be on every social media platform, at least in small business. This is always good news to businesses trying to juggle upwards on all platforms at once, seeing lackluster results across the board. The first before you make any decision on this, is to find your audience and then see what’s the most used platform of your audience.

Have you heard of the saying ”Content is KING” ? Well it is true!! Do not ever hesitate spending budget on a good photoshooting, videography or graphics designer.

That depends on your budget, service/product category and the competition.

Your customers spend most of their time on Social Media! Once upon a time, the main means of entertainment was television. Today is the Web! The difference is that on the Web we can target and expand your clientele worldwide starting with a low Budget! In OBVI AGENCY We have specialized staff and the flexibility to treat your business as if it were ours!

Why Invest in Email Marketing Campaigns?

  • Extend your recognition
  • Turn your Subscribers into customers
  • Inform your audience about new services, or products from your company
  • Attract an audience through any device
  • Remind your customers of your existence

    Promote your products and services easily and quickly by creating personalized Newsletters, tailored to the needs of your customers, through the state-of-the-art Email Marketing tools of OBVI AGENCY.

Digital advertising has the highest level of targeting among all ads. For this reason, it is the most economical & efficient choice in promoting your company.

Working together with OBVI AGENCY digital marketing specialists we will achieve:

  • Increase your sales
  • Enhance the recognition of your Brand
  • Targeting new customers
  • Access to new markets

The low cost, but also the right targeting achieved by our certified advertisers, can change the data and achieve more and more goals of your business.

OBVI Brands inspire people
and have an impact to the world.
We strive to make our clients happy “
CEO & Marketing Director
Spyros Nikolaidis